How to shop

Shopping in Japan is an enjoyable experience, and in souvenir shops and department stores you will have little trouble. At the supermarket checkout you might find that the clerk just keeps talking at you. Please don't be alarmed, for the most part the clerk is telling you the price of each item as she scans it and saying various polite phrases that are deemed essential.


At convenience stores you might find yourself being asked some questions as you buy your rice ball and salad, and here the language barrier can be a problem. For the most part these questions are: "Do you want your rice ball warmed up?"
, "Do you want some chopsticks?" and "Do you want a bag?"


The easiest thing to do here is to say 'Yes' to everything!


If you pay with a credit card you will be asked, how many payments you want to split the bill into. I reccomend that you pay only once. Show this by holding up one finger.