Things we can book for you.

Being off the beaten track, sometimes travellers in Yamagata need a little help. Why not let our friendly Komeyakata staff book things for you and guide you on your way?


Soumaro Geisha house

In the historic town of Sakata (an hour and a half by train from Murayama) is a sumptious Geisha-house called Soumaro. Here for only 1,000yen you can watch an authentic dance performance by Maiko girls. This really is something not to be missed!


Making Soba

Yamagata is famous for its soba noodles and this is your chance to learn from a master soba maker. With a little translation help from our Komeyakata staff you too can become a soba master!


Picking Wasabi

Try picking wasabi at a local wasabi farm for the real taste of Japan -freshly picked wasabi!

Zen Meditation

Only 15 minutes walk from the komeyakata guesthouse on the edge of the forest is a 600 year old temple where the current priest is the 33rd generation to practice and teach zen meditation (or Zazen - lit. sitting mediatation).


This is a unique oportunity to try authentic Japanese zazen in the stillness and quiet of this corner of Northern Japan.


Komeyakata staff are available to translate for this experience.