Komeyakata events

We run a traditional and diverse farm and throughout the year we organise farm experiences for both local people and guests. Its a great oportunity to meet local people and try your hand at something new.You can try harvesting soy-beans, potatoes, apples and much more, including digging daikon radishes out of the snow (a local delicacy).

We also offer bespoke courses in making tofu, miso, traditional pickles, dried fruit and traditional crafts such as making straw rope and straw sandals with full instruction in English.

Group events cost from about 500yen per person, bespoke courses from 1,000yen.



Please check via e-mail if there is a specific course or event that you would like to take part in, most events are seasonal and weather dependant.    

Japanese lessons

We also offer Japanese lessons to our guests from an experienced language teacher. Learn some useful Kanji or some Yamagata dialect! 

All levels catered for, from beginner to expert for only 1,000yen per lesson.





Why not try your hand at traditional Japanese calligraphy? We can introduce you to the world of calligraphy with a local master. Please ask for details.