Spring is a glorious season to travel in Japan, with comfortable temperatures and clear blue skies. Of course Spring means cherry blossoms, but thats not all, peach, apple and plum blossom are all spectacular and Yamagata, the fruit kingdom, is the place to see them.


Spring also means wild mountain vegetables, a real Yamagata speciality, picked fresh from the forest.


On the farm, you can experience planting vegeables, potatoes, soy-beans and rice. 



By July its getting hot, the rice is growing high and the fruit on the trees is ready for harvesting. At night the frogs chorus can be heard and fireflies seen by the paddy fields. 

Its also festival time, each city, town and village in the prefecture has its own traditional summer festival. Watch Japanese fireworks, traditional dances and parades of floats and shrines with some cold beer in the warm summers nights.


On the farm you can try picking peaches, harvesting potatoes, harvesting corn and other vegetables and making ume boshi (pickled plums).



Autumn means harvest season, golden fields of rice stretch out into the diestance with ears of rice bending in a graceful bow.


On the farm you can try harvesting soy beans, picking apples, drying perssimmoms and more.


Northern Japan is famous for its long snowy Winters. Several meters of snowfall is common here. It's the perfect time to keep warm in some hot springs or to hit the slopes.


Winter is the time to make miso and traditionally when things are made out of the recently harvested rice straw, such as straw sacks, rope and sandals. 


It's also the season to dig daikon radishes out of the snow!