Yamagata prefecture is only 3 and a half hours North of Tokyo by bullet train, but its a world away.


Our farm and guest house is in a town called Murayama right in the middle of Yamagata prefecture, its not on the tourist trail, and thats precisely why we opened our guest house. We understand that there are a few intrepid travellers who want to experience deep Japan.
From Maiko dancers to mountain temples, from snow monsters to hot springs and long winding paths between the paddy fields, Yamagata is full of hidden secrets.

Come and see for yourself!


'Yama' means 'mountain' and thats where Yamagata gets its name from. This is a mountainous, rural and traditional part of Japan that is unspoilt by large scale industrial development.  For the most part only the Mogami river valley and the coastal plain are populated, whilst forests full of bears, monkeys and deer make up most of the prefecture.



The Asahi mountains
The Asahi mountains